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Musical & Artistic Events at St Edward’s Church 1993

29-30/1/93  Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (3 performances).

3/2/93         Lamento D'Ariana del Signor Claudio Monteverde. La Musica.

17/2/93       Cardiff Forum Talk by Rev. John Stacey Marks.

3/4/93         Pupils' Concert. Jayne Thomas & Carolyne Peters.

9/4/93         Good Friday: St John Passion. St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra.

11/4/93       Easter Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

27/6/93       National Music Day Concert inc. Elgar's The Music Makers (excerpts). St Edward's Choir & Chamber Orchestra.

21/9/93       Evening of Baroque Music. The Richmond Players & Alison Doyle (sop).

                   3rd St Edward's Music & Arts Festival

4/10/93       Baroque Dance Display. Philippa Waite.

4/10/93       Motets Ancient & Modern. St Edward's Motet Singers.

5/10/93       Piano/Violin Duo. Jayne Thomas & Iolo Jones.

6/10/93       Concert. St Edward's String Orchestra.

6/10/93       Concert. South Glamorgan Symphonic Brass. Conductor: Martin Thistlewood.

7/10/93       Jubilate Everybody (worship songs & readings). St Edward's Choir.

8/10/93       Piano Recital. Gary Mullins (piano), Heather Doe (sop).

8/10/93       Concert, inc. Mozart's Piano Concerto No.13 in C Major (K415): St Edward's String Orchestra with Alison Dite (piano).

9/10/93       Photographic Exhibition.

9/10/93       Children's Magic Show. Lucian Goble & Richard Mayer.

9/10/93       Piano & Voice. Norman Doe (piano) & Sue Mansell (sop).

9/10/93       Concert: The Imari String Quartet.

27/10/93     Fizzie Lizzie's Magic Muddle.

10/11/93     Concert of Renaissance Music. St Edward's Choir & friends.

28/11/93     Advent Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

18/12/93     Pupils' Christmas Concert. Jayne Thomas, Carolyne Peters, Ruth Bradshaw.

19/12/93     Christmas Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra.

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