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Musical & Artistic Events at St Edward’s Church 1996

24/1/96       Taizé Service.

20/3/96       Taizé Service.

24/3/96       Stainer’s Crucifixion. St Edward’s Choir. Passiontide Music.

5/4/96         Good Friday: Mozart’s Requiem. St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra.

7/4/96         Easter Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

13/4/96       Concert: Gary Mullins & Friends.

10/5/96       Concert: Jayne Thomas (Piano) & Carolyne Peters (Recorder).

23/5/96       Visit of Roath Local History Society (Talk by Alan Mayer).

29/5/96       Taizé Service.

23/6/96       National Music Festival Concert: St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra with Jayne Thomas (Piano). Jesu Priceless Treasure (Bach), Sinfonia for Strings in C Maj (Vivaldi), Piano Concerto in EY Maj (Mozart), Christus Factus Est (Bruckner), Pergolesi’s Magnificat.

29/6/96       Family Fun Day: The Milkshakes, Dick Berry Storytelling, Philippa Waite Period Dancing, Worship songs, Taizé.

30/6/96       National Music Festival inc. Mozart's Piano Concerto in EY Major, Bach's Jesu Priceless Treasure & Pergolesi's Magnificat. St Edward's Choir & String Orchestra with Jayne Thomas (piano).

3/7/96         Taizé Service.

12/7/96       Workshop & Concert: Pupils of David Appleton.

13/7/96       Pupils' Concert. Jayne Thomas, Carolyne Peters, Ruth Bradshaw & Pete Kirkbride.

11/9/96       Taizé Service.

6/10/96       Harvest Music & Readings. St Edward’s Choir.

                   6th St Edward's Music & Arts Festival

6/10/96       Concert: Gary Mullins, Claire Jones, Suzanne Moreno & Jane Newman. Music from Baroque to 20th century.

8/10/96       Oberammergau Slides & Passiontide Music. St Edward’s Choir. St Edward’s Festival.

9/10/96       Jayne Thomas (Piano) & Heather Doe (Soprano). St Edward’s Festival.

10/10/96     Liturgical Dance: Philippa Waite & Caroline Lamb. St Edward’s Festival.

11/10/96     Baroque Dance Display & Workshop: Philippa Waite. St Edward’s Festival.

11/10/96     Haydn’s Creation. St Edward’s Choir. St Edward’s Festival.

12/10/96     Concert: St Edward’s Orchestra with Ray Driscol (Clarinet). Corelli’s Concerto Grosso in D Maj, Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, Elgar’s Chanson de Matin & Haydn’s Symphony No.22 in EY. St Edward’s Festival.

19/10/96     Concert: Youthful Promise Wales.

13/11/96     Taizé Service.

29/11/96     Advent Concert: Youthful Promise Wales & Splott Community Choir.

30/11/96     Celebration of 75 years of worship. St Edward’s Motet Singers.

1/12/96       Advent Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

18/12/96     Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: Dramatic Reading by Dewi Savage.

19/12/96     Worship Songs for Christmas: St Edward’s Worship Group.

20/12/96     Liturgical Dance: Philippa Waite & Caroline Lamb.

21/12/96     Pupils' Concert. David Appleton & Lynne Plowman.

22/12/96     Christmas Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra.

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