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Musical & Artistic Events at St Edward’s Church 2001

19-20/1/01 A Christmas Carol. Music by Alan Mayer. (3 performances).

27/1/01       Haydn’s Creation. Canton Chorus.

31/1/01       Taizé Service.

10/3/01       Concert: Welsh Philharmonic Orchestra.

21/3/01       Taizé Service.

8/4/01         Palm Sunday: Darkness & Dawn (F.W.Peace). St Edward’s Choir.

10/4/01       Cardiff High School Concert.

13/4/01       Good Friday: Excerpts from Handel’s Messiah. St Edward’s Choir & Orchestra.

15/4/01       Easter Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

23/5/01       Taizé Service.

22/6/01       Haydn’s “Nelson Mass” (Holy Eucharist celebration). St Edward’s Choir & Orchestra.

3/7/01         Cardiff High School Concert.

4/7/01         Taizé Service.

14/7/01       Family Fun Day. Worship songs, Taizé.

29/8/01       Taizé Service.

                   11th St Edward's Music & Arts Festival

5/10/01       Concert: St Edward’s Orchestra. St Edward’s Festival.

6/10/01       Sunday School Concert. St Edward’s Festival.

7/10/01       Harvest Music & Readings. St Edward’s Choir.

10/10/01     Cardiff County & Vale of Glamorgan Symphonic Brass. St Edward’s Festival.

11/10/01     Fizzie Lizzie (clown). St Edward’s Festival.

11/10/01     Concert: Jayne Thomas (piano) & Iolo Jones (Violin). St Edward’s Festival.

13/10/01     St Edward’s Choir: Favourite Choruses. St Edward’s Festival.

31/10/01     Early Music Concert: The Campanella Duo.

21/11/01     Taizé Service.

2/12/01       Advent Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

23/12/01     Christmas Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra.

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