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Musical & Artistic Events at St Edward’s Church 2003

15/1/03 Taizé Service.

31/1-1/2/03 The Witness (3 performances).

15/2/03 Classical Guitar and Lute Concert: Scott Baker.

26/3/03 Taizé Service.

18/4/03 Good Friday: Mozart's Solemn Vespers. St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra.

20/4/03 Easter Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

3/5/03 Concert: Opera Mint.

21/5/03 Taizé Service.

6/6/03 Concert: Sue Mansell and friends.

14-15/7/03 Opera Mint: Carmen.

28/7/03 Musical Evening with St Edward’s Choir.

30/7/03 Taizé Service.

16/8/03 Classical Guitar Concert: Matthew Nesbitt.

24/9/03 Taizé Service.

5/10/03 Harvest Music & Readings. St Edward’s Choir.

13th St Edward's Music & Arts Festival

7/10/03 Concert: Opera Mint. St Edward’s Festival.

8/10/03 Concert: Jayne Thomas (piano) & Iolo Jones (Violin). St Edward’s Festival.

9/10/03 Cardiff County & Vale of Glamorgan Symphonic Brass. St Edward’s Festival.

10/10/03 Concert: St Edward’s Choir Favourite Choruses. St Edward’s Festival.

11/10/03 Concert: Sue Mansell and Norman Doe – “33s in 45”. St Edward’s Festival.

19/11/03 Taizé Service.

21/11/03 Concert: St Edward’s Orchestra.

26/11/03 Concert: St Edward’s String Orchestra.

30/11/03 Advent Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

21/12/03 Christmas Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir & String Orchestra.

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