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Roath Parish War Memorial

After the fire of 1919, St Edward's Church was rebuilt as a memorial to those who lay down their lives in the First World War. Those commemorated in the memorials are listed below. Where possible the names are linked to entries in the War Graves Commission register.

First World War
Red Cross
Second World War

First World War: 1914 To 1918

William Alford
William Beer
Taliesin Beazley
Frederick George Billot
Alfred Bowes
Lewis Brooks
Alfred Ernest Brown
Harold Jackson Brown
Edward Bruce
Albert Cecil Budd
Ernest Charles Budd
Percy Carter
Hubert James Charles
Frederick O. Cotterell
Harry Cross
Percy Hier Davies
George Thomas Dupe
Thomas C. M. Edwards
William A. Ellement
Percy Chas. D. Evans
William Reg. Ferris
Henry John E. Gale
George Henry Griffin
Frederick Wm. P. Ham
William Hamer
Joseph Wm. Hatherdale
John Henry Hawken
Edwin Stephen Hooper
Walter Thomas Hooper
Albert Howitt
Herbert Howitt
Lionel Randolph James
John Llew. Jenkins
Frank Johnson
James Jones
Leslie Price Jones
Frederick Keevil
Frank Lake
Emmanuel C. Laverick
William L. Laverick
James Morris Lewis
Ernest McClea
Charles A. Milward
Charles Hy. F. Monks
William Val Morgan
Herbert J. Morrissey
Arthur Musgrave
Thomas Newbury
Frederick W. Ovenden
Alexander Owen

William John Owen
James Edward Price
Thomas Henry Price
Robert Bruce Pring
John Henry Pugh
Thomas Raynor
John Glynne Rees
Bruce C. Richards
Stanley E. Richards
James Rockey
Cuthbert Stephens
Montague Smart
Herbert Edgar Tarr
James Taylor
Bernard Y. Thomas
Edgar George Thomas
Kenneth C. Thomas
Ralph F. Thomas
Robert Thomas
William Hy. Thorne
William C. Totterdell
Thomas George Vaughan
George Walker
Frederick C. Williams
Price Watkin Williams
Phillip Wyatt

Red Cross Memorial

George F. Williams
Thomas Howells
Richard Chambers
Frank Nash
James Taylor
William Griffiths
Sister Edith Beeston
Alfred Edwards
Thomas Davies
Richard H. Rees

Second World War: 1939-1945

Claude Broadburn
Geoffrey Clouter
Robert Drongesson
John M. Harris
Richard Henry Hogan
Russell Hogan
Harry Jago
Cyril John Lawrence
Derek Lane Martin
Gordon Mills
Arthur Mitchell
Geoffrey Hallen Morgan
Thomas A. Rich
Gilbert Rees
William Bevan Samuel
Richard Shepherd
Cyril Taylor
Richard Vivian Watkins
Barbara Sarah Williams

This information was researched by Bill Berry.

Page last updated 4 June, 2005.